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Ruth C Montague understands the difficulty people have today with the speed at which the world moves. Work, studies, traffic, financial debts, pending diligences, taking the children to school, preparing meals, among many other things, it all adds up.

These are factors of exhaustion and the main causes of stress in people, and this stress leads to silent illnesses that often end up in death.

Ruth was able to travel around the world and learn about many cultures. On a trip to the UK, she discovered a new trend in coffee houses that serve as an escape and are becoming more popular everywhere in the world every day.

Escape rooms, places where people can go to distract themselves by solving mental and physical challenges of all kinds. Puzzle games, video games, and even board games can all be played alone or in the company of friends and family.

Thinking of this wonderful idea, Ruth decided to transform it into reality. She founded Perplexcity, a cafe-restaurant specialized in a great variety of escape rooms with the latest games and puzzles. Here you can challenge your imagination and skills with this variety of games.

In addition to this, Perplexcity has a menu with many styles of beverages, both hot and cold, and national and international cuisine with a lot of delicious dishes.

We also have several lounges that are strategically decorated with the help of a psychologist and a professional interior designer to make them relax, stylish, and allow you to achieve peace of mind. At the same time, you will be able to listen to an excellent playlist that will make you disconnect and relax in the way you have been looking for.