Your Escape to Fun

Perplexcity is the best coffee-restaurant where you can get rid of the daily stress and relax with the most fun board games.

A Place toEscape to

Perplexcity is a café restaurant located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. We understand that work, classes, taking the kids to and from school, unfinished business, and the stress of everyday life can consume and overwhelm you.

That’s why we thought about you and created this place where you can escape from worries and enjoy delicious meals and drinks. At the same time, you can have fun with our board games and relax with the specially decorated lounges that are waiting for you.

We offer a wide variety of national and international dishes. We have a menu with hot and cold beverages. Our spaces have several rooms with different themes. Some offer special games including our challenging puzzles. Enjoy physical and mental games and challenge your knowledge and skills whether you are alone or in the company of others.

You can enjoy many lounges with relaxing and warm decorations where you can relax listening to music. Whether you are alone, with your partner, with friends or with your family, Perplexcity is your best option for entertainment.

At Perplexcity we understand the importance of escaping from daily stress. Relaxation has multiple benefits. Resting your mind and body by doing activities that you enjoy fills you with pleasure and lowers your blood pressure.

We must rest and disconnect from everything to be able to take the drive and be more productive in work, studies, and daily tasks. Come and relax with us. Entertainment is assured.

Exquisite Dishes

Perplexcity offers you an outstanding variety of national and international dishes. Our menu includes all types of hot and cold beverages.


In Perplexcity you will find different lounges specially decorated for your comfort. You can enjoy a warm atmosphere with excellent music, either alone or with company.

Escape Rooms

Our escape rooms have a wide variety of physical and mental challenges that you can enjoy alone or in a group. You will be able to escape from your problems.

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Perplexcity is the best place where you can avoid daily stress with a variety of lounges, escape rooms, and delicious food.